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Test Network Of Binance DEX Crypto Platform Is Launched

11:31 21/02/2019
Binance Crypto Exchange Starts Testing Of Binance DEX

Binance, the leading trading platform, has announced on Twitter the launch of the testnet of the decentralized crypto exchange Binance DEX, which operates on the basis of the Binance Chain blockchain network.


Anyone can take part in the testing, it is public. Customers can open crypto wallets and use the API of the exchange on the platform’s website.


Together with the start of testing, the company launched a block browser for the Binance Chain blockchain platform. Here the crypto traders have the opportunity to act as nodes and store private keys.


The decentralized platform already supports Trust Wallet and the Ledger crypto wallet. The Binance DEX management stated that user feedback on the results of testing will help determine the official launch date of the exchange.


Amidst the start of the decentralized platform testing, Binance Coin (BNB) tokens demonstrate a significant increase in value. Over 24 hours, the price of BNB rose by more than 15% and was $11.32 on February 20 at 09:00 (UTC), according to CoinMarketCap. The capitalization volume of the cryptocurrency reached $1.6 billion, and it is still holding positions in the top ten of the rating.


The Binance crypto platform increasingly announces new products and solutions in recent months. Changpeng Zhao, CEO of the company, is considering the possibility of introducing the xRapid payment solution from Ripple into the work of the exchange.


As previously reported, the educational portal Binance Academy is recognized as one of the most popular online resources.

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