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Hard Fork Is Conducted On Binance Chain Testnet

17:21 10/04/2019
Binance Chain Test Network Updates After Hard Fork

The hard fork was successfully completed on the Binance Chain test blockchain network, which forms the basis of the Binance DEX crypto exchange. Services of the testnet continue to work stably after the innovation.


The platform team reported that the fundamental elements of the Tendermint consensus algorithm were updated, and the overall performance was improved. Also, 11 validators of the Binance Chain network received more convenient management for working with crypto transactions.


Binance DEX has been operating on the Binance Chain blockchain in test mode since February 20. The product is publicly available so everyone can try it. Users can open crypto wallets on the platform website and use the exchange API. Binance DEX supports Trust Wallet and the Ledger wallet.


Besides, the company launched a block browser for Binance Chain with the start of testing. Here the crypto traders have the opportunity to act as nodes and store private keys.


Recently, Changpeng Zhao, the head of Binance, has stated that the Binance DEX mainnet may start working in April 2019.


Before this, a message about a bounty program for developers appeared on the company's blog. Binance is ready to pay 200 BNB to programmers who will provide the most convenient SDK codes (toolkits). With their help, Binance DEX experts will be able to create interfaces for managing wallets and keys, encrypting and signing transactions, which will also display information about market statistics and account balance.

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