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Bitly Blocks Links To Crypto Websites From Antonopoulos’ Book

21:39 05/11/2018

Andreas Antonopoulos, a well-known crypto enthusiast and author of best-selling books about cryptocurrency, tweeted a warning to Bitly, the leading URL shortening service, regarding the blocking of links to crypto websites, including those mentioned in his new book.

The crypto enthusiast stated that his fourth book, which contains more than 200 links to Bit.ly, will be published soon. If the service will continue to block links, Antonopoulos reserves the right to remove references to the service from the book and replace them with references to its competitor.

The author of the Mastering Bitcoin book did not stop there and addressed the crypto community for advice, asking which shortening service could be used in his book so that it was reliable, independent, and did not block the links.

Representatives of the crypto sphere defended Andreas Antonopoulos. Some of them recommended making a radical decision and not using such services at all. Bitly has not commented on the situation.

It is assumed that Mastering Ethereum, the next book of Antonopoulos, will be published in November 2018 and will be available in the electronic version and at bookstores.

Antonopoulos’ books The Internet of Money and Mastering Bitcoin were sold out with a huge circulation. Mastering Bitcoin is popular even in China, where there is an official ban on cryptocurrencies, despite the fact that the word ‘bitcoin’ was replaced with the word ‘blockchain’. The author himself responded calmly — the main thing, in his words, is that the content has not changed.

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