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Bitmain Activates AsicBoost Algorithm In Its Miner

14:09 23/10/2018

The mining giant Bitmain released the updated software for the devices Antminer S9 running the controversial algorithm AsicBoost. The technology increases mining efficiency, but the crypto community has mixed opinions on it. Later, Bitmain will activate this algorithm in its other products, according to the company’s blog.



Previously, the company did not plan to release the software empowered by AsicBoost, as this could cause conflicts over the patent. However, Bitmain lawyers concluded that currently this technology is not protected by any patent.


In a week after the update release for Antminer S9, the company is going to introduce new software for other miners, including Antminer R4, S9i, S9j, T9, and T9+. These models will also use AsicBoost. It is noted that these devices with the BM1387 chips could support the algorithm initially, although the company decided to use this function just now.


The technology utilizes a flaw in the Proof-of-Work bitcoin protocol and speeds up finding blocks by 20%, reducing the number of mathematical operations. However, there is a negative attitude towards the algorithm, as it destabilizes the network and results in unfair competition.


A recent study showed that one of the largest pools, AntPool, owned by Bitmain, used the controversial algorithm for mining in 2017. At that time, the company denied the charges, but after other mining firms recognized the technology, it overtly added the AsicBoost support in the Antpool and BTC.COM pools, according to the blog.


Earlier, Samsung introduced new chips that can help miners to save up to 50% energy.

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