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Zcash Crypto Platform Develops New Official Website

19:03 03/10/2018

The team of the Zcash crypto platform presented an updated official website, which, as authors state, reflects the company's deep mission, according to Zcash Twitter.


The developers presented the website in bright colors with a user-friendly interface. On the main page, there are several sections with comprehensive information about Zcash cryptocurrency.


All exchanges and wallets that work with cryptocurrencies, as well as investors, are presented in the “Get Started” section. The website visitor can be redirected to the websites of these companies. Besides, users can compare the capabilities of Zcash with Bitcoin, a credit card, and cash.


The "Network Information" section contains information about the technical characteristics, features, history of some releases, and Zcash updates. In the "Support" section, there are links to various resources, including a forum, GitHub service, information about crypto mining, security, private keys, and much more.


The company's blog is a separate section, where a visitor can read the latest news, the opinions of Zcash representatives and learn about new products and solutions. The website will support eight languages, but so far, this option is being finalized.


The representatives of the crypto platform invite everyone to visit the new website and join the Zcash community to take part in creating a financial future.


Earlier, Binance crypto exchange announced an increase of its BNB tokens, which bypassed Zcash in terms of market capitalization.

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