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Walmart Files Patent Application For Blockchain Device

22:55 03/08/2018

The retail corporation Walmart filed a new patent application for a smart device with the use of blockchain, according to the website of the US Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO).


The respective systems and methods for managing smart devices, which include PCs or laptops, game consoles, portative players, are described in the application.


Buyers will be able to use a movable or stationary device containing a key for authorizing the transaction and receiving the goods at Walmart kiosks. The kiosk is synchronized with a user's device, which becomes a part of the DLT. The customers will have the opportunity to configure the access system and kiosk management to order the goods or cancel the previously selected one.


Moreover, the patent offers to create an intellectual home environment where such a system can be used. Likewise, it can be exploited in the media sphere, at the workplaces, in healthcare, and other industries.


Walmart is widely known for its willingness to implement blockchain. As previously reported, a patent was received for the use of blockchain in the goods delivery. Besides, the USPTO representatives approved Walmart's application for the use of a bitcoin-powered electrical grid in June.

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