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First Virtual Monument To Satoshi Nakamoto Is Opened In Kyiv

10:11 01/10/2018

The opening of the virtual monument to Satoshi Nakamoto took place in the capital of Ukraine. Yuriy Nazarov, Director of the Department of Information and Communication Technologies of the Kyiv City State Administration, has posted this info on Facebook.


Source: Satoshi Nakamoto Republic


The idea of creating the monument belongs to the Satoshi Nakamoto Republic project and was announced in May 2018. The project was implemented on September 29. The opening took place where previosuly was the monument to Lenin, which according to the idea of the authors should symbolize two epochs, past and modern.


The opening of the virtual monument was attended by several dozen people, who then marched from the Bessarabska Square to the city administration. The 3D monument can be seen through a smartphone app, which is available in iOS and Android operating systems.


Source: Satoshi Nakamoto Republic


The development of modern technologies helps to transform cities. The last year's crypto boom promoted the popularization of technical innovations, including blockchain. Kyiv doesn’t stand aside from this process, thus, by the end of the year, the city authorities intend to implement blockchain to the kindergartens in order to keep records, Yuriy Nazarov stated.


According to the representative of the Kyiv City State Administration, the opening of the monument to Satoshi Nakamoto promotes the further development of the city and is considered a step towards the creation of Satoshi Nakamoto Republic. Los Angeles, Miami, and other cities of the planet will follow the example of Kyiv in the near future.


As previously reported, BitMEX experts suggested that Satoshi Nakamoto was able to mine approximately 700,000 bitcoins.

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