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Telegram Users Get Opportunity To Conduct Litecoin-Transactions

20:33 11/08/2018

Charlie Lee, Litecoin founder, wrote on his Twitter account that users can now conduct transactions with LTC through the Telegram program.


Lite.im option was created by the specialists of the Zulu Republic cryptocurrency project from Zug, Switzerland. The team is engaged in the creation of Ethereum-based decentralized programs (DApps).


The innovation will allow performing Litecoin operations using text commands through the LTC API system from Zulu. Private keys in transactions are not traced by the startup, but encrypted with the RSA mechanism, and protected by the user’s password.


Lite.im will first be implemented in Telegram, which, according to the developers, is considered to be the world’s most reliable messenger due to high confidentiality. Customers can send text commands in Lite.im to verify the account status or to transfer funds to the crypto wallet. The developers stress that clients will be able to make transfers without knowing the address of the recipient's wallet, or if he does not have one and has no idea what cryptocurrencies are.


In future, the company plans to develop a mechanism for operations with LTC via SMS, so that customers can make transactions without access to the Internet. Developers of LTC reported that 64% of people worldwide own smartphones, but only 33% of them have the Internet connection.


As previously reported, Pornhub started to accept Tron tokens as a payment. 

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