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US Congressman Declares Cryptocurrencies For 1st Time In History

16:50 09/08/2018

The Judiciary Committee Chairman in the US House of Representatives Bob Goodlatte unveiled information pertaining to his ownership of digital cryptocurrencies, which served as a catalyst for implementation of new requirements for the Congress' members, Sludge reports.


Goodlatte became the first Congress representative who publicly announced the possession of virtual currencies. According to the Congressman, he owns cryptocurrencies with a total value of up to $80,000. The politician invested in bitcoins, ethers and BTC Cash.


Bob Goodlatte


On June 18, the House Ethics Committee issued new regulations stating that the House of Representatives members are obliged to disclose information on shares and digital assets worth more than $1000, even if  those holdings belong to them or their spouses. Further, within 45 days, politicians are obliged to notify the House Ethics Committee about transactions, the amounts of which are equal to or exceed the specified limit.


Goodlatte is a member of the Blockchain Caucus Association, co-founded by his colleague, Congress Chairman Jared Polis. Polis and his group have introduced legislation to integrate blockchain technology into the sphere of state public services.


The son of the Congressman, Bob Goodlatte, Jr., made investments in Coinbase, but the amount and time of contributions are unknown. Basically, Goodlatte, Jr. personally positively assesses the future of bitcoin.


As previously reported, the US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) postponed the date of the final verdict on the bitcoin-ETF launch initiated by the teams of the crypto projects SolidX and VanEck.

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