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Former Goldman Sachs Top Manager Predicts Early Bitcoin ETF Appearance

11:23 03/08/2018

Ali Hassan, the former top manager of Goldman Sachs and head of Crescent Crypto, the company which manages assets, is confident that the US financial regulator will approve the appearance of bitcoin-ETF in the next 18 months. He expressed this opinion during the discussion of the issue on Bloomberg TV.


Conversations on the exchange-traded BTC funds intensified after the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) refused to allow the Winklevoss brothers to open the investment bitcoin ETF-fund. According to some experts, this caused the drop in the first cryptocurrency rate.


Hassan also assured that his partners did not encounter similar difficulties and expressed confidence in the upcoming appearance of bitcoin-ETF in the markets. Kin-Wai Lau, the executive director of the Fatfish Internet Group investment company, holds the same views. According to him, exchange-traded bitcoin funds can soon be established everywhere in the cryptocurrency industry.


As previously reported, Hester Peirce, SEC Commissioner, expressed her disagreement with the decision of the regulatory authority on the Winklevoss twins’ program. Peirce published a statement, in which she stressed that the reasons for the refusal were untrue.

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  1. L_PERRY:
    08/03/18 at 07:33

    Why does Hester Peirce disagree? Does she have reasonable explanation of that?