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Turkish Top University Introduces Program To Study Blockchain

10:45 07/08/2018

BlockchainIST, a platform of innovations and blockchain, was opened at Bahcesehir University in Istanbul. According to Bora Erdamar, the head of the center, it will become a principal background to provide and improve the innovative technologies in Turkey.


Students of Bahcesehir University will be able to conduct research and publish scientific articles in the field of blockchain using BlockchainIST. The chief of the center believes that the implementation of the new platform in other educational institutions and companies will give Turkey a significant advantage over other countries in the sphere of blockchain development.


The study of this field becomes more in demand in other higher educational institutions of the world as well. For example, Stanford University announced the students’ recruitment at the Master’s degree programme in crypto finances, and Ripple invested $50 million to study blockchain technologies at the universities.


At the same time, investments of Turkish citizens can hardly be called promising. At the beginning of the summer, the investors of Turkish cryptocurrency Turcoin were scammed. According to a local media, one of the project founders fled the country with the deposits of 10 thousand investors, constituting more than $190 million.


Featured image from Turcoin official website


Incidents of cryptocurrency frauds is a worldwide problem all over the world. It can be explained by the lack of understanding of the blockchain principle. Previously, the advantages and disadvantages of blockchain use in practice were reviewed.

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What is it for?
  1. ChaddyChad:
    08/07/18 at 10:04

    it's very important to understand how it works for better security

  2. Steven Everett:
    08/07/18 at 10:31

    it is very cool
    because many people have to receive a new knowledge about this field of activity