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Beta Version Of Turbo Geth Software Is Launched In Ethereum

16:30 23/09/2018

The beta version of the Turbo Geth software is available for closed testing in the Ethereum blockchain, CoinDesk reports.


Until now, the Geth solution was involved in the Ethereum network, but the independent developer Alexey Akhunov managed to improve it, and the solution is now called Turbo Geth. The new software allows nodes to optimize the storage of records on the network, and it compactly combines information about the history of addresses, contracts, and blocks.


It is required to have a little more than 252 GB, to run a full node based on Turbo Geth, while the traditional version of the software requires a volume that is five times greater. Thanks to the new solution, the nodes can operate on cheaper equipment, and it will lead to further decentralization of Ethereum in the long term.


Break down of Turbo Geth storage image courtesy of Alexey Akhunov


The solution development was announced at Dappcon, a conference for the Ethereum community, in Berlin this summer. It is conceivable that it will be possible soon to launch a full node, not in five, but 10 times faster, Alexey Akhunov stated.


His work is perceived with enthusiasm in the Ethereum ecosystem and is already called one of the most promising solutions for blockchain scaling. The test version of Turbo Geth has yet to be equipped with many features, and the developer is waiting for help from other experts in solving the problem of long-term network synchronization and creating a comfortable interface for clients.


As previously reported, Vlad Zamfir, one of the Ethereum blockchain developers, stated that the sharding technology was in the process of proof of concept.

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