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Tron Crypto Platform Named Its Main Super Representatives

01:40 05/07/2018

The team of the Tron platform announced that the Skypeople company became one of the 27 Super Representatives chosen from 70 candidates after voting.


Skypeople developed the popular game Final Blade, the leader in Taiwanese rating, and took part in the creation of Pokemon Go, which is the second most popular on the Korean market. The startup plans to launch a new type of game content in combination with the next-generation blockchain.


Tron continues to work closely with major exchanges and wallets. Most of them announced support for the network, many opened a deposit and withdrawal options. As of July 4, the Tron network is working stable, the number of its nodes globally is 478 units, and 262,967 blocks have been created.


As previously reported, the Tron platform published a new weekly report.

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