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Founder Of TRON Foundation Bought BitTorrent Incorporation

21:42 12/06/2018

American leading software company BitTorrent was sold to the director of the Chinese company TRON Justin Sun.


Negotiations on the deal started in early autumn 2017. However, Justin Sun had to suspend temporarily further discussions, as BitTorrent representatives began to negotiate with other traders. Such actions of the company violated the previously signed agreement with the TRON Foundation.


Successful deal conclusion became possible only now. It is also reported that there is no information on the financial side of the deal now.


It is known that earlier Justin Sun suspended his temporary ban on negotiations and registered Rainberry Acquisition Inc.; in turn, BitTorrent changed the name to Rainberry Inc. Last week, both renamed companies applied for a merger.


As previously reported, TRON Launches Analogue of CryptoKitties. During the first week, its users spent about three million dollars to get virtual cats.

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