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TRON Tokens To Become Completely Independent Of Ethereum Network

23:18 20/06/2018

The TRON (TRX) tokens will become independent of the Ethereum blockchain. TRON Foundation announced the migration of its cryptocurrency.


The company team stated that despite the fact that the Ethereum network played a key role in the initial stage of TRON development, the developers still keep the course for autonomization. In connection with the transition of tokens to a separate platform, TRX will be transferred from the ERC20 standard to TRON20.


Exchange, which begins at 0:00 (GMT +8) on June 24, will conduct 30 large exchanges in the equivalent of 1:1. During the swap and until the completion of this process on June 26 (GMT + 8), the inputs and outputs will be suspended. "In order for your tokens to be on the stock exchange before migration, we recommend that you should move them as soon as possible," the company team announced.


The developers paid attention to the fact that the new TRON tokens will be compatible only with the wallets supporting TRON20, and attempts to move the cryptocurrency into the old ERC20 storages may result in lost funds.


As previously reported, American leading software company BitTorrent was sold to the director of the Chinese company TRON Justin Sun. 

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