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Cooperation With PornHub And Super Representatives Election: Recent Achievements of TRON

23:39 10/07/2018

The team of TRON published a report on the work done over the past week. Completion of the new blockchain network modernization processes and restoration of the large exchanges operation with TRX are among the main company’s achievements.


On June 30, the team of PornHub, one of the biggest porn sites, announced that it accepts TRON tokens as payment for the services provided. Also, the preparation process for the election of representatives was intensified: within a week a list of candidates was formed and a competition for video tutorials about TRON elections with a prize fund of 10,000 TRX was launched.


On July 5, the first 13 representatives of the TRONICS team were selected, which, as the company hopes, will actively develop the TRON protocol and work on its decentralization.


As previously reported, EOS, NEO, Tron, and Ripple got to the top of web search in Google Trends

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