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Trezor Crypto Wallet Is Integrated Into MetaMask Extension

22:27 09/08/2018

MetaMask specialists announced the release of a new version 4.9.0 of its Ethereum extension, which supports Trezor crypto wallets, in the official Twitter account.


Trezor owners have the opportunity to connect their wallets to MetaMask and see the stored funds in ether or ERC-20 tokens in the Ethereum network. Users can carry out transactions, pass authorization or register in several decentralized apps.


The protection of keys of MetaMask clients will be provided by Trezor system, the experts state. Besides, the interface has been updated and some new features have been added. According to the developers, compatibility with the wallet will increase the security of MetaMask in general in case of possible cyberattacks.


The Metamask extension was designed to simplify the transfer of ether or tokens in the Ethereum network. It is built into the Google Chrome browser and is frequently used by the organizers of the initial coin offerings.


Trezor is a hardware bitcoin wallet, which was created in 2014 by Satoshi Nakamoto's laboratory. The wallet allows customers to perform operations with cryptocurrency safely even on poorly protected devices. The wallet supports such main cryptocurrencies as bitcoin, ether, Litecoin, Ethereum Classic, DASH, ZEC.


The wallet has a high level of protection. In early July, crypto scammers tried to get access to users’ accounts, but they failed to hack the system.


As previously reported, eight new assets have been added to the Ledger Nano S crypto wallet.

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