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Former Employees Of Block.one Crypto Company To Launch Their Own Startup

20:36 26/09/2018

Six top employees of Block.one, a crypto company based in Hong Kong, left the firm and joined forces to develop their own StrongBlock blockchain project, Coindesk reports.


Thomas Cox, David Moss, Brian Abramson, and Corey J. Lederer, former heads of the technical department at Block.one, were among the first employees of the Hong Kong company, hired last year to develop the decentralized platform EOS. During their work, the firm attracted $4 billion of investments to launch the project through ICO.


Contractors Jon Eric-Cook and Michael S. Mason, who now work for StrongBlock to create a blockchain trading platform, quit their jobs at the crypto company as well. According to one of the ex-employees, they want to develop a market environment, which Block.one did not intend to launch, although this would surely facilitate the development of the EOS blockchain.


Based on the information of the LinkedIn accounts, Abramson, Lederer, and Mason left Block.one this summer, while Moss, who became the executive director at StrongBlock, left the Hong Kong firm in the spring.


Currently, a new project is being developed. Nevertheless, none of the co-founders discloses certain principles and concepts of their new platform. The StrongBlock team is working quite steadily and has not yet announced the release of its product.


Earlier, on September 22-23, the most successful blockchain projects were awarded at the EOS Global Hackathon. The Block.one representatives were members of the judging panel.

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