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TokenSoft To Support Stellar-Based Projects

Published: 13/09/2018

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What is it for?

The TokenSoft platform, which provides services for initial coin offering, officially launched support of the Stellar Lumens protocol, as reported by the representatives of the company on Twitter.



TokenSoft already supports Ethereum-based projects and was suspicious regarding Stellar at first. However, the platform representatives began to monitor closely the work of Stellar from the beginning of 2018 and changed their minds during this time.


The company sees that the infrastructure, the toolset of Stellar have reached a high level of development, and demand has increased. Many organizations and entrepreneurs began to apply the protocol in their work. Now TokenSoft representatives are also ready to support Stellar and provide customers with the opportunity to pay in XLM, Mason Borda, the co-founder of the company, stated.


TokenSoft supports crypto startups in complying with the regulations of the US and other countries when organizing the initial coin offering. Borda promised users that they will see the company's new offers in the next months but didn’t name particular projects with which the ICO platform will work.


This is the second significant event for Stellar over the past few days. Earlier, Lightyear, a developer of the Stellar blockchain, acquired a technological startup Chain to create a joint Interstellar project. Within the framework of the project, the partners will create the StellarX trading platform for operations with funds based on the Stellar network and are now testing the service.

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