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Blockchain Has Great Potential — TechCrunch Editor

12:28 26/09/2018

Josh Constine, the editor of TechCrunch, an online magazine on startups, Internet business, and innovation, in an interview with CCN stated that he sees a great potential of blockchain technology and believes that it will penetrate all spheres of life over time.


Josh Constine compared the current state of blockchain with artificial intelligence. First, the artificial intelligence was mentioned everywhere, now everybody is talking about blockchain and tokens.


However, according to the editor of the Internet resource, blockchain will not come into everyday life anytime soon. Now developers pay more attention to engineering issues, while ease of use and design remain secondary. As long as people don’t see the ease of using blockchain, the technology will not reach universal popularity and it will take at least 3-5 years.


Security is another problem that needs to be solved. Unfortunately, intruders will improve their skills, and the blockchain developers will have to make every effort to ensure that the technology evokes the confidence of users.


Josh Constine believes that large venture funds are still reluctant to invest in startups. Among the well-known investors in this area, the fund Andreessen Horowitz or Coinbase crypto exchange can be mentioned. Many institutional investors are waiting for the creation of a broad blockchain infrastructure.


Earlier, Jack Ma, the founder of the online trading platform Alibaba, expressed his opinion that blockchain should help in the development of modern society.

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