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Bittrex Team Warns Customers Of Crypto Fraud

01:37 07/08/2018

The Bittrex exchange's team published detailed instructions for users on their official website on how not to fall into the scammers’ trap.


Trading platforms along with other crypto companies are considered an object for cybercriminal attacks. In this regard, Bittrex specialists are constantly making efforts to protect the accounts of their users, and recommend customers to be attentive and cautious.


It should be remembered that the team of the exchange never takes part in promotions. If Bittrex provides discounts on bitcoin, ether or offers bonuses on someone’s behalf, users should pay attention to some key details. The exchange's team shares information exclusively through the support service on support.bittrex.com, on Twitter @BittrexExchange, or the official website bittrex.com.


In case the customer doubts the authenticity of the received letter and is not sure that it was sent by Bittrex, he must remember that the exchange employees never ask for a username, password, two-factor verification code (2FA), secret code, or any other confidential information. Customers can always take a screenshot of the letter and send it to the support desk in order to verify the authenticity. It is not recommended to respond to suspicious emails or click on suspicious links.


Besides, Bittrex experts advise customers to scan their computer or mobile device from time to time for malware, change passwords, and always activate 2FA. If any possible phishing is detected, contact the exchange's support team immediately.


As previously reported, Bittrex representatives submitted a report on their work in July.

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