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Bit-Z To Exclude Three Currencies From Listing And Add New One

00:47 07/08/2018

The team of Bit-Z crypto exchange has announced the addition of a GSE token for trading in pairs with ether and bitcoin, as well as the termination of support for LTC, MCO, and NULS.


The GSE token functions within the GSENetwork system, which will issue a certain number of coins in a certain period with the help of eco-friendly mining and as a result of the computing operation of the nodes. Tokens will be distributed between these two categories of network participants in the established proportions.


The GSE trading will begin on August 7, at 15:00 (UTC+08:00). The withdrawal option will be available the same day from 18:00 (UTC+08:00). The exchange representatives hope that users will like using a new token.


Another announcement on the exchange concerns the exclusion of three cryptocurrencies from the listing, namely MCO, NULS, and LTC, scheduled on August 6. It is specified that all coins, which are not involved in operations and transactions, will be withdrawn, and the possibility of proposals, input, and withdrawal of funds becomes unavailable at the same time. Assets on OTC accounts will be transferred automatically to the exchange’s balance.



Recently, a huge number of tokens has appeared on the market, so investors are having troubles identifying worthy projects. It is important to evaluate the project’s description, team, and business strategy before investing, but this does not guarantee the security of investors' funds from scammers.

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