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Decentralized Exchange StellarX With Zero-Commission Is Launched

20:39 01/10/2018

On September 28, the StellarX crypto exchange, based on the Stellar platform, was launched. StellarX is a decentralized trading platform that provides commission-free services, which beta-testing is finally over. Parent company Interstellar reported on the full platform launch on its blog.


The founders of the crypto exchange revealed the project launch powered by the Stellar (XLM) trading platform back in July 2018. Initially, Stellar was a fork of the Ripple platform and used its protocol. Presently, the Stellar platform provides crypto transactions services and fiat operations.


In accord with the latest CoinMarketCap data, Stellar XLM is the sixth among top digital cryptocurrencies with a total market capitalization of $4.8 billion (as of October 1, 15:25 UTC).


As per the information presented in the corporate blog, the new ecosystem will apply zero-fee user commission and, to top it all, the crypto exchange will reimburse all network expenses.


Representatives explained how they managed to avoid client taxation. All trades and orders are conducted within the Stellar platform, not through a network of implemented smart contracts.


The developers stressed that users will be able to deposit US dollars on their bank accounts directly via the StellarX app. The app also offers its clients transactions involving the euro, the Philippine peso, the Chinese yuan, the Hong Kong dollar, and the British pound.


As previously reported, Stellar cryptocurrency boosted in price by 50% over the past week starting from September 24, thus becoming one of the most successful digital currencies on the crypto market.

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