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Stellar Cryptocurrency Price Increases 50% In One Week

18:47 25/09/2018

Over the past week, Stellar cryptocurrency has become one of the most successful digital assets, demonstrating an increase in price by half, Bitcoinist reports.


In terms of a market capitalization volume, Stellar advanced to the sixth position. On September 23, Stellar was worth $0.29, which became an indicator of rapid growth and made it the third most profitable in terms of profitability among the top 100 liquid tokens.


Experts claim the merger of the Lightyear Corporation, Stellar developer, with the Chain startup the reason for such increase of the price. Both companies intend to work on the Interstellar platform. Within the framework of the Interstellar project, the partners intend to create a StellarX trading platform for operations with funds based on the Stellar network.


Stellar failed to become the leader of the previous week. The XRP cryptocurrency showed a more impressive result, soaring in price by 60.8% on September 18-21. Analysts of the crypto market believe that such an indicator could be achieved due to several factors. Ripple announced the launch of a payment platform and began cooperating with the American PNC bank. Another reason could be the intention of the US Securities and Exchange Commission not to recognize XRP as a security.


Source: CoinMarketCap


According to CoinMarketCap on September 25, 13:09 (UTC), the price for both cryptos underwent a correction. The Stellar's price is $0.23 with a market capitalization of $4.47 billion, and XRP — $0.45 and $18.1 billion, respectively.

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