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Steemit Developers Announce Forthcoming Update Of Their Blockchain

13:00 30/09/2018

Team of Steemit, a service for social publications, presented the update of Steem blockchain platform, a series of HF20 patches, on its official website on September 28.


Source: Steemit


The platform representatives accented the main goals they pursue by launching new patches. Primarily, developers want to achieve the integrity of the service while they are implementing a system of stable pricing operations on the blockchain platform. Secondly, thanks to the new automated update, the operation failures of enterprises and exchanges on the platform will be minimized.


The most important stage of this launch will be an increase in the number of transactions conducted through blockchain, 10 times more than before the update, during five days. Nevertheless, the developers specify that the speed of the operation will depend on its type.


During the day, users will be given the opportunity to test an update for the further security assessment and ease of use of patches. Nevertheless, the platform developers stressed that the main task is to test the resource's ability to increase the volume of transactions 10 times.


As previously reported, the Swiss platform DECENT updated the blockchain project DCore 1.3.0., and significantly increased the number of transactions per second.

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