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Steem Project Releases Updated Software Version: See Main Changes

12:40 12/07/2018

The developers of the Steem blockchain project released a new version of software "0.19.10" that includes two main changes, AppBase and RocksDB. According to the official Steem blog, the update does not require a hard fork as it is a non-consensus modification.


The official release of AppBase is claimed to solve all the scaling problems of the Steem technologies. It will allow the platform to manage sided applications and support exchanges. RocksDB is a fast-on-disk data store with an additional layer aimed to improve the Steem blockchain.


Also, the team has announced some extra changes such as the auto-scaling of a shared file memory size, unlimited content editing, and a new directory of blockchain data. Also, developers announced their plans to provide more updates on Hardfork 20 soon.


As previously reported, last month Steem released a modified version of an educational recourse for the users who want to develop applications on the basis of the project's blockroom.

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