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Sony Files Two Patent Applications For Blockchain System Use

12:08 04/08/2018

The Japanese technology giant Sony intends to register patent rights for hardware development to support and host blockchain systems, according to the documents released by the US Office for Patents and Trademarks.


Apparently, Sony aims to release devices based on blockchain. Drawing on the documents, one of the patents implies the development and maintenance of the blockchain system that resembles a bitcoin network, which is formed by the common work of nodes, consensus mechanisms, including the crypto emission and the open source code.




The second document describes mainly a problem of the network's security, which includes a small amount of nodes. To avoid bags inside the system, Sony developers offered to introduce the virtual nodes, whose number can be many times more than the total number of working devices in the network.


Both applications describe how to maintain the distributed ledger system, which can be both public and private, and also can include Sony's own development, for example, Hadoop.


As previously reported, the Xiaomi corporation has launched a platform for businesses to detect system bugs, and also has released a program based on blockchain for token mining.

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