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Hacker Posts Ad About Sale Of Program For Hacking Bitcoin ATMs

23:36 10/08/2018

The representatives of the Japanese company Trend Micro reported in their official blog that they found in social networks a hacker’s ad about a malicious program for hacking bitcoin ATMs.


The program uses vulnerability of bitcoin ATMs and allows scammers to steal more than $6,500 in bitcoins. The vulnerability involves disabling ATMs from the network and security systems.


Source: Trend Micro


Trend Micro experts concluded that the unknown seller has a serious reputation on the black market, as he received about a hundred responses to his ads. The hacker wants $25,000 and offers a card that supports the EMV standard and the NFC technology solution apart from the program.


EMV is a chip created by leading international payment operators in order to increase the level of security of money transactions. NFC (Near Field Communication) is a technology for wireless transmission of information between devices that are located at a distance of up to 10 cm from each other.


Source: Trend Micro


Some users of Internet networks believe that the seller offers a program for attacks on terminals, presented as bitcoin ATM.


Trend Micro representatives warn that cybercriminals will look for new ways to steal funds as the popularity of cryptocurrencies grows and the number of crypto ATMs increases.


As previously reported, the schemes of crypto rate manipulation brought scammers $825 million over the past six months, according to The Wall Street Journal's study. 

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