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Police Detains Suspects In Data Sale For Bitcoins In Shanghai

20:30 19/09/2018

The Shanghai police arrested scammers who placed an announcement about the sale of data of 130 million Chinese hotel customers for 8 bitcoins on the darknet, 8btc.com reports.


Earlier, more than 10 hotels of Huazhu Group Limited, the Chinese hotel company, were attacked by hackers, which resulted in the stolen personal data of guests.


The attempt of the scammers to sell the client base was unsuccessful. There are suspicions that they tried to blackmail the company by attracting public attention, but this did not bring the expected results.


Representatives of the company stated they would not comment on the situation since they could not speak publicly about the reliability of the announcement on the database sale before the investigation is completed, according to the police's protocol.


Clients criticize companies for weak database protection quite often. Personal information, entered on online platforms, is frequently bought and sold in China. With the emergence of bitcoin crypto analogues, digital currencies became a very popular means of conducting machinations by darknet participants since traders behind crypto transactions are not so easy identifiable.


As previously reported, Star Xu, the founder of the OKEx trading platform, was detained by the Shanghai police on suspicion of a fraud with WFEE coins.

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