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Survey: 56% Of Russians Do Not Know About Cryptocurrencies

18:20 08/08/2018

The specialists of the Russian research holding company Romir carried out a sociological poll among Russian residents, which showed low awareness of the majority of citizens about the crypto sphere.


The conclusions were made based on a survey of 1500 people aged 18 and older from different regions of the Russian Federation. Despite the fact that the media, researchers, and economists paid much attention to cryptos in recent years, only 44% of respondents confirmed that they are familiar with digital assets, 56% of respondents showed full lack of knowledge on the subject.


Only 13% of respondents demonstrated sufficient knowledge and understanding of cryptocurrency operation, most of them aged 18 to 31 years. It is interesting that Russians with low income, less than ₽10,000 per person a month, know more about cryptoassets than their compatriots with the income of ₽25,000 and more, representing 38% and 26%, respectively. The number of men who know about digital assets is twice the number of women.


The percentage of those wishing to acquire cryptocurrency is not so high, even among those who know about crypto. Approximately 87% do not want to invest in digital assets, 11% consider this option, and only 2% currently own crypto.


Such a result is not surprising, given that Russians have often lost money, taking part in various enrichment schemes and when the ruble dropped in value due to economic crises, Andrey Milekhin, the president of Romir and Doctor of Sociology, states.




Most crypto owners (76%) acquired their assets in an effort to make a profit, and half of them achieved their goal. Another 24% of the crypto owners stated that they are following the trend. People mostly invest in bitcoin and ether, and bitcoin is five times more popular.


Recent surveys in the US and the UK showed that residents of these countries know about cryptos more than Russians do, but invest in digital assets reluctantly.


There are simple rules of bitcoin purchase and storage every investor should follow.

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  1. Sarka:
    08/08/18 at 13:17

    Of course they don't know, they don't care about anything but bears and vodka.

  2. JessDujampi:
    08/09/18 at 11:12

    I thought that the number of cryptocurrency holders are much larger in Russia