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Crypto Payments Startup Hires Ripple’s Former General Counsel

Published: 11/09/2018

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What is it for?

Brynly Llyr, the former general counsel at Ripple, occupied a similar position in the team of a new cryptocurrency startup called Celo, Coindesk reports.


Celo is an American project developing a system for crypto payments. According to the announcement of the startup representatives, the new legal chief will be responsible for all aspects of their legal strategy, including technical norms, issues of partnership, intellectual property, etc.


Llyr will participate in the project development program both in the US and abroad. Also her duties include solving of everyday issues.


The Celo team is working on the creation of a blockchain system that will provide favorable conditions for the economic development of every individual. According to Llyr, more than 1.7 billion people in the world are unable to access traditional banking services. She stressed that the startup uses cryptocurrencies and blockchain to solve the problem and try to enhance the capacity of these technologies.


Celo uses stablecoins to reduce volatility. As stated in the startup’s vacancy announcement, one can join the Celo network and use cryptocurrency even via a budget smartphone. The first applications to be launched by the team on the platform will be services for social payments and money transfer.


Earlier, a Swiss blockchain startup for investments received the official permission to work on the country’s financial market. 

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    09/11/18 at 08:43

    yeah, I think Stellar is good enough to improve the process of work. But it's interesting to see how could it be with StellarX