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Voters Of West Virginia To Vote Via Blockchain App

19:00 28/09/2018

Residents of West Virginia can use the mobile blockchain app to vote absentee at the upcoming November elections to the US Congress, Slate reports.


The app was called Voatz. Voters of the state, living in 24 countries of the world, were able to use it on their smartphones on Friday, September 21. They were mostly military servants.


The remote voting experiment was conducted from March to May of this year during the primaries held on the territory of the state. A limited number of citizens participated in the application testing.


At the beginning of August, Mac Warner, West Virginia State Secretary, stated that the testing was successful and survived several tests of various platform elements. Subsequently, Michael Queen, Warner's assistant, reported that the authorities in each state county will make an independent decision to use the app in future elections, and voters will be able to vote in the traditional way.


Not all took this initiative favorably and even criticized it, calling it a terrible idea. Online voting cannot guarantee complete security and prevent the leakage of votes, Joseph Lorenzo Hall, the representative of the Center for Democracy and Technology, stresses.


In turn, Bradley Tusk, a representative for Tusk Montgomery Philanthropies, which sponsored the app development, assures that remote voting will attract more voters. Thus, democratic processes will be implemented much more effectively.


As previously reported, the authorities of the Japanese Ibaraki prefecture presented blockchain-based online voting system.

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