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Pornhub Introduced Support Of Tron Cryptocurrency As Means Of Payment

23:55 07/08/2018

A popular porn-resource Pornhub started accepting Tron cryptocurrency as a means of payment for upgrading the status of the users’ accounts and other options, according to the blog of the cryptocurrency developers.


The publication details the process of updating the account on the resource for tokens. According to the developers’ instructions, one should first create an account on the website, then click on the “upgrade” button to get a premium account. Then one needs to select Tron cryptocurrency from the list, and scan the QR-code by means of special cryptocurrency payment applications or copy the address for the transfer of funds.  


The representatives of the website reported on the possible introduction of ZenCash and Tron cryptocurrency in June this year. Previously, they added an opportunity to pay with Verge coins.


Tron is a distributed protocol on blockchain basis, which aims at the creation of an interactive global entertainment infrastructure. Users can store and distribute their contents with the help of this system, whose operation is supported with tokens. The project was founded in 2017 by Justin Sun, who is among the top richest people under 30, according to Forbes.


As previously reported, the popular coffeehouse network Starbucks, despite media claims, will not accept bitcoins as a means of payment for coffee. The spokesman of the company said that instead of this Starbucks team is working on solutions for the instantaneous automatic exchange of cryptocurrenсy to fiat.

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