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Parity Integrates Constantinople Code Prior To Ethereum Hard Fork

Published: 13/09/2018

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What is it for?

Parity specialists have successfully implemented the Constantinople code in their software and announced their readiness for testing right before the Ethereum hard fork in October, the employee of the company Afri Schoedon reported on Twitter.



Apart from Twitter, Afri Schoedon shared information on GitHub. The news received a large number of positive reviews on social networks.


Constantinople will be the second stage of the hard fork named Metropolis. The first stage was called Byzantium and took place in the autumn of 2017. The developers hope that the code will increase productivity and reduce the cost of commission payments in the Ethereum blockchain.


Along with the integration of Constantinople in Parity, protocols EIP-1234, EIP-145, EIP-1014 have been introduced to improve the work of blockchain. It will be possible to learn about their probable vulnerability only after the end of testing. It is assumed that other clients of the Ethereum network will make changes to the code.


Some members of the Ethereum community are still disappointed with EIP-1234 from developers, which provides for reducing the coin emission in a block from three to two ethers and the associated with this application ProgPOW algorithm.


ProgPOW is a consensus algorithm, aimed to reduce the benefits of some high-tech mining facilities in order to boost a competition.


As previously reported, Google integrated the Ethereum blockchain into its BigQuery data analysis platform. 

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