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Opera Developers Implement Crypto Wallet In PC Browser

11:59 25/09/2018

The developers of the Opera web browser presented a new addition to the Labs project with a built-in cryptocurrency wallet, Cointelegraph reports.


According to the statement, the launch of the built-in crypto wallet was to take place in early August this year. Currently, the Labs platform is in the beta stage, being tested by private clients of Opera for the Android system.


Now users will be able to confirm transactions conducted through a decentralized app (dApp) on a PC using smartphones on Android. It means that Labs will be fully compatible with the mobile crypto wallet, the beta version of which was released in July.


The developers stressed that customers will not need to install a new wallet, and they can continue to store the keys on their phone.


The provided protection system will ensure the security of all transactions with tokens or operations via dApp by verifying a fingerprint in the smartphone locking system.


By analogy with a mobile app, a user can own digital objects using a computer version. CryptoKitties or collectible cards belong to the objects that have no real value. The clients of the platform will be able to exchange these objects among them.


As previously reported, Decentral and the Ethereum co-founder launched a crypto wallet for Android gadgets, supporting more than 70 types of tokens. 

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