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OKEx Announces Launch Of Partner OKGaEx Crypto Exchange

21:36 09/08/2018

The representatives of the OKEx trading platform announced a partnership with already operating OKGaEx.com crypto exchange on the official website.


The trading option on OKGaEx.com became available on August 8, 12:00 (Hong Kong time). There are fee discounts for clients of the exchange.


OKGaEx is a gaming platform that provides services on the placement of digital assets and derivatives to more than 220 million players around the world, creating an ecosystem for all gaming projects on blockchain.


He Wei Feng, Bit.Game’s co-founder and chairman of the BIGEVC Investment Committee, became the executive director of the OKGaEx exchange. He manages a team of talented professionals with extensive experience in the gaming industry, which includes developers of the first game platform with digital assets on the Bit.Game blockchain.


OKEx started cooperating with OKGaEx a few days after the launch of the CoinAll exchange, which became the first participant of the OK Partner Exchanges program.



OKEx launched the OK Partner Exchanges program in June to attract partners from all over the world in order to promote its ecosystem. Everyone who shares OKEx’s ideas can become a participant of the program, help the trading platform in business development, and get a decent reward from trade fees in the amount of 30% to 80%.


As previously reported, the team of the OKEx exchange added HitChain (HIT) token to the listing.

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