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Ukrainian Startup Launches Offline Cryptocurrency Exchange Service

18:15 20/09/2018

Ukrainian company Buy | Your crypto bank has provided an opportunity for all crypto owners to exchange their assets offline, ForkLog reports with reference to the information from the press service of the startup.


Within a month after the launch, the specialists have carried out more than 300 cryptocurrency transactions. At Buy | Your crypto bank anyone can exchange bitcoin to hryvnia and vice versa. Applications processing and exchange are done by means of special PC tablets or with the assistance of managers.


The regulatory process of the crypto market in Ukraine is at the initial stage, but all exchange transactions are carried out within the existing legislative framework. Fiat transactions are maintained exclusively using cash registers and recorded at the state tax office. This project will help novice investors to understand the intricacies and nuances of the crypto exchange, the staff reported.


To carry out the fiat money exchange operation, crypto traders have to provide their mobile phone number, however office managers assure that all personal data of the clients is safely secured.


The company's management promises to maintain the momentum. In the future, users will have access to new services, inclusive of financial products and tools. At the end of September, an online exchange will be available on the corporate website.


As previously reported, the deputies of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine registered a draft law on taxation of digital assets operations.

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