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Founder Of IOTA Introduces New Social Relations Specialist

20:33 24/09/2018

The management of IOTA hired Florian Doebler, a specialist in public resources management, as a Social Impact and Donor Relations Coordinator, according to the official blog.


Doebler studied in Munich and Vienna. In early 2018, after graduation, he contributed to the launch of a new project Blockchain Lab, supported by the German agency GIZ. The objective of the project is the development and improvement of DLT-systems and their further implementation in the UN projects.


Florian Doebler. Source: IOTA


Also Doebler became a co-founder of a social project aimed at achieving transparency in environmental accounting. As an expert on the behavioral consequences of digitalization, he participated in the implementation of pilot projects in public and private institutions.


The key objectives of the IOTA team, such as the study and development of new fundamental protocols in the ecosystem, attracted Florian. The staff members intend not only to expand and improve the use of software for users and partners but to standardize the ecosystem and integrate it into the sharing economy.


Doebler will help IOTA to take full advantage of the company's opportunities for positive interaction with users and communities in the ecosystem.


David Sønstebø, the co-founder of the firm, expressed his hopes for a new employee who will help the IOTA team to become the basis for the development of the sharing economy.


As previously reported, a new infrastructure, including a guarantee fund for crypto assets, will be launched in the Bakkt ecosystem.

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