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Eight Assets Added To Ledger Nano S Crypto Wallet

17:25 08/08/2018

The representatives of Ledger crypto wallet informed about the addition of new cryptocurrencies to the listing on their official Twitter account.


Eight new assets are available in the Ledger Live wallet app. The most well-known include Vechain, Ontology, and WanChain, which are in the cryptocurrency top 100 list according to CoinMarketCap rating. VeChain (VET) is ranked 21st with a market capitalization of $623 million and a value of $0.011. Ontology (ONT) occupies the 32nd place for its market capitalization volume is $333 million and price equals $2.21. Wanchain (WAN) is 66th in the rating with $115.5 million of liquid assets and $1.09 for cryptocurrency, as of August 8, 04:19 (UTC).



Particl (PART) is on 137th position, POA Network (POA) and Iconic (ICON) are 225th and 1385th respectively. The assets of Kowala and RSK were not included in CoinMarketCap ratings.


Ledger specialists report that users are provided with information on upcoming releases of the wallet, plans, and modernization of the company posted on Trello. The assets will be added to the crypto wallet on the first Tuesday of each month, henceforth customers need to monitor the updates.

Featured image from Ledger official website


Further, the time of considering applications for the inclusion of cryptos into the wallet list has significantly reduced because the process is now more simplified. During the previous update of the Ledger Nano S crypto wallet listing, Zcoin (XZC) and Tron (TRX) were added.


Ledger employees accentuate that they appreciate and welcome users' feedback, with the help of which they customize features of the wallet and add new assets to it.


Ledger specialists developed the Ledger Nano S crypto wallet in 2016. It includes the cold storage option and has a number of attractive advantages over other wallets.

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  1. Sarka:
    08/08/18 at 13:17

    Ledger is gaining it's points again...)