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Team Of NEM Crypto Platform To Build Blockchain Center In Philippines

16:50 08/08/2018

The representatives of the NEM platform entered into a partnership with the management of the Cagayan Economic Zone Authority (CEZA) in order to build the first blockchain center in the Philippines.


The project is aimed at popularization of blockchain technology as part of hackathons, conferences, forums, and seminars. The center will attract local and foreign investors, who will make a significant contribution to the development of the region.


Screenshot from NEM official website


Nelson Valero, the head of the NEM office in Australia and New Zealand, Emerson Fonseca, the head of the NEM office in the Philippines, on the one hand, and Raul Lambino, CEZA executive director, Raymundo Roquero, the senior deputy administrator of the agency, on the other, signed the Memorandum of Understanding in Manila. The agreement was concluded within the framework of the previously signed treaty on cooperation between the two parties aimed at the introduction of NEM.io technological developments in the Philippines.


NEM.io is based in Singapore. It has extensive experience in the field of information technology, business processes, trading, and international management. NEM specialists are working to promote their blockchain technology for institutions in various industries around the world.


Featured image from NEM official website

The Cagayan Economic Zone was opened with the assistance of the Philippine Government in order to develop innovative technologies. It is planned that blockchain startups, mining companies, crypto exchanges, whose representatives will receive tax benefits and create new job positions, will start their operation here.


The conclusion of the agreement on the creation of the blockchain center is one of the latest initiatives of the NEM management, apart from financing several startups from different countries, the introduction of a blockchain-based scholarship program in India, and an agreement with the team of the Bitdegree platform on the online training for those willing to master their skills and fill the NEM network blocks.


As previously reported, the Government of India, plans to build an urban blockchain district in Hyderabad in cooperation with the IT company Tech Mahindra.

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  1. Sarka:
    08/08/18 at 13:18

    I always wondered, how it would be if I was gone for work to Philipinnes instead of dusty office)