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MDK Entertainment Public Conducted ICO And Launched App

15:30 03/10/2018

MDK, an entertainment public, has launched a smartphone application for Android and iOS, where users can receive tokens for publishing content, ForkLog reports. The program is now available in trial mode and uses MDK custom coins for rewards.


Based on the Russian social network Vkontakte, the Internet community with an audience of 30 million users a month conducted an ICO of its Ethereum-based MDK tokens in March. The team expected to attract about $1.2 million in the tokensale, but they managed to receive only 150 ethers, what amounted to over $130 thousand at that rate.


Part of the funds raised during the ICO were used to create the project. In total, the team sold one-tenth of all tokens, which is 100 million coins.


The application will reportedly gift coins to the authors whose post will get the most “likes” from other users. Also the app will provide tokens for comments and content promotion.


In the test version, it is impossible to remove and exchange MDK coins — users can only store the received tokens in their accounts. After the official release, new options will be available, including paying for promotional campaigns with this cryptocurrency. The team notes that the app will be monetized through ads and require internal tokens to run these commercials.


Developers promise to release the official version of MDK app by the end of 2018. So far, users can fill an application on the website and participate in testing the pilot program.


Previously, a new version of Opera PC browser with built-in crypto wallet was released.

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