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Number Of Masternodes In Dash Blockchain Reaches Maximum

11:34 08/08/2018

The number of masternodes in the Dash blockchain exceeded 4900 and reached the highest level in its network history.


Screenshot from Dash official website


In the current software version, more than 85% of all masternodes work, and not all of them use the new version. Earlier, Dash Core experts recommended their users to perform the update before multiphase fork; otherwise, they will be excluded from the payment turnover.


Dash version 12.3 was launched on July 3. Initially, it was designed to improve InstantSend messaging service and Evolution payment software. Besides, the new version has raised the users' privacy level.


Specialists of the University of Arizona studied the Dash network and presented a report in which they concluded that its blocks are capable of scaling up to 10 MB and processing about 120 transactions per second, which is twice the number of PayPal transactions in this period.


Dash cryptocurrency ranks 15th in the CoinMarketCap rating, its price has been adjusted for the past three months. In the first ten days of May, the price of the cryptocurrency was $465. As of August 8, 05:14 (UTC), the Dash price is $182.67, with a market capitalization of $1.5 billion.


Screenshot of Dash page on CoinMarketCap


Dash Core Group CEO Ryan Taylor expressed the view in the company's blog that cryptocurrency can be an alternative to fiat money for residents of countries with an unstable economy.


As previously reported, Exodus crypto wallet, which supports more than 90 tokens, now operates on the Qtum platform.

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