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Longhash Launches System To Track History Of Bitcoin Addresses

19:21 24/09/2018

The Longhash platform, specializing in the development of blockchain technologies, launched a bitcoin tracker, according to the official website of the company.


Via the new system, users can determine the security level of the bitcoin addresses to which they transfer their funds. At the same time, the platform representatives stressed that this would not affect the privacy of the person owning the address. According to the published report, the main task of the developers is to reassure investors and regulators and convince them that the crypto industry is not connected with criminal activities, as it is commonly believed.


Source: Longhash


In the new tracking system, the client can see the rating of the bitcoin address with which he intends to contact. The rating of the address depends on the number of transactions, their participants (whether they were previously engaged in any fraud), and the addresses from or to which the target wallet received or sent funds.


Users also have the opportunity to track the entire "biography" of bitcoins on the wallet of interest. On the ring chart below, the inner lilac ring indicates that the tokens are purchased on the exchange. Then the system tracks how they appeared on the crypto exchanges: judging by the second ring, most of them were also bought on exchanges, but the orange segment indicates that some are obtained in the gambling sphere. Based on this scheme, the tracker traces the "genealogy" of all the bitcoins in the wallet.


Source: Longhash


Earlier, the information was published in the Longhash blog confirming that the cost of gold mining is much higher than the energy consumption for mining.

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