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Blockchain Startups Receive Awards At EOS Global Hackathon

18:43 24/09/2018

The awards ceremony of the most successful blockchain projects took place on September 22-23 in London as part of the EOS Global Hackathon.


About 5,000 people representing 90 different teams from 44 countries attended the event. The prize fund was $144,000 generously provided by EOS VC. The panel of judges included leading experts representing Block.one, EOS VC, the British Blockchain Association, and other organizations.



The projects were to meet the basic criteria: private data security, application in EOS blockchain, creativity, scalability, and impact.


As a result, judges selected the top 10 projects. During the closing ceremony, each team made a presentation. As a result, EoShield won the first place and received $100,000, the Chestnut team took the second place and pulled down $25,000, and On the Block was the third with $10,000.


Besides, the judges allocated three stimulating prizes in the amount of $3000. The Geneos team won the prize for the Best Social Impact, Chestnut repeatedly took out the Best User Experience, and CyberCode Twins — Best Social Message.


As previously reported, the Block.one developers announced the release of a new software EOSIO version 1.3.0.

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