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Lightning Network Nodes Amount Reaches 3000

21:04 07/08/2018

On August 6, the number of working nodes in the Lightning Network (LN) system inside the main Bitcoin network reached 3000, with 11,200 active channels which is a record amount.


The total amount of funds during transactions at this point was about 98 bitcoins (about $700,000), which did not break the June's record when users made transactions with 100 BTC.


At the moment, the site Shitcoin.com no longer has monopoly over 51% of the network funds which caused a widespread concern among bitcoin community. Now this node controls only 0.002%.


The Lightning Network in the Bitcoin network serves as a payment protocol that performs fast transactions between nodes, which partially solves the scalability problems in Bitcoin's blockchain system. This network is a second-level solution, acting as a superstructure over the main Bitcoin network. LN works with bounded nodes and bidirectional channels between two nodes. 


Assets that participate in the transaction are preserved inside the channels, which forms its throughput. Users choose LN because of speed, scalability and cheapness. Currently, several cryptocurrency projects are developing wallets for the Lightning Network.

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