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Record Block Is Mined In Main Bitcoin Network

Published: 10/09/2018

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What is it for?

Miners managed to mine the largest block in the main network of the first cryptocurrency since its launch, a user Conan O'Bitcoin reports on Twitter.

The block, for which the miners received an award of 12.5 BTC with the transaction commission of 0.04491058 BTC, is at height 540107 in blockchain, and its size is 2,259 MB. The complexity of the block extraction was 6,727,225,469,722.53 units. At the same time, the block contained only 250 transactions, which is about a thousand times less than the usual amount.

The exact size of the block, 2259.447 KB, is twice the established limit of 1 MB, but it was validated with the help of the Segregated Witness (SegWit) protocol, which is on top of the main block. The block's size is explained by the fact that it contains transaction signatures.

The last time the biggest blocks were recorded in January 2018. These were two blocks of 2,177 MB and 2,217 MB, which included transactions created by BitGo. They also held only 10% of the usual number of transactions.


In July 2018, the number of SegWit transactions in the main Bitcoin network reached 44.68%. The commission for validation for the next block was 5.0 sat/byte, which is five times higher than the indicator for the last seven years.

As previously reported, on September 5, the main digital assets declined sharply in the price, and the crypto market capitalization decreased by $13 billion. In particular, bitcoin lost more than 4% of its value, and losses of ether and other altcoins ranged from 9% to 14%.

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