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Kiev Next Block Conference 2018: Simon Cocking and Bobby Lee To Meet Ukrainian Public

Published: 15/05/2018

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What is it for?

More than 20 leading experts from all over the world will come to the Kiev Hilton Hotel on May 18 to share their ideas during the NEXT BLOCK Conference 2018. This event is conducted by Krypton Events team in partnership with Cryptovest, a source of cryptocurrency information. More than 350 guests announced their participation. After the main conference program, guests will be invited to one of the most incredible after-party ceremonies in the Eastern Europe - Official FTV Coin Deluxe Party.


The conference program contains many popular names of developers, investors, and crypto enthusiasts. Co-founder of BTCC, the oldest crypto exchange in China, Bobby Lee and an expert who got into the top most influential people of the crypto industry, Simon Cocking are the main speakers of the conference.


 The conference visitors will also hear speeches of:


  • Nimrod May, CMO at Sirin Labs, 4rth largest token crowdsale in history;
  • Itay Adam, Launch strategist and ICO Campaigner;
  • Motti Peer, Co-CEO of Blonde 2.0, an award-winning global PR agency, “Movers and Shakers” on Forbes;
  • Terrance Cash, Chairman & Founder of Greenlight's corporate group, seasoned serial entrepreneur, accredited private investor;
  • Stewart Rogers, Analyst-at-large, VentureBeat;
  • Ruslan Gavrilyuk, Co-founder and President of Token-as-a-Service, Co-founder of Kepler Technologies;
  • Pavel Kravchenko, Co-founder of Distributed Lab, one of the most trusted blockchain experts in Ukraine;
  • Robert Corriveau, Founder and CEO of Cryptodipity & Gavel Coin, entrepreneur, crypto expert;
  • Michael Kharenko, CYFRD Frontech Investments, Partner, Managing partner Sayenko Kharenko law firm;
  • Dmytro Shymkiv, Secretary of the National Reform Council to the President of Ukraine.


Speakers intend to discuss different topics during the conference, among them:


  • From Holding to Spending: Will e-commerce revolutionize crypto or the other way around?
  • Blockchain Technology: Challenges and the Way Forward;
  • Is the ICO Dead but not Buried yet? What comes next?
  • Building Relationships with Clarity and Transparency: Simplifying PR for ICOs and Blockchain Ventures;
  • Writing the Global Regulations Story: Love and Fight;
  • How is Blockchain Empowering Businesses and Communities?

ICO startup teams will be given an opportunity to arrange presentations of their projects during Quick-fire Pitch Session. Each speaker will be given only three minutes to convince investors of the project success.


After the conference, all guests will be invited to one of the most unique and bright after-parties Official FashionTV FTV Coin Deluxe Party. There participants will meet the founder of popular channel FashionTV Michel Adam.


For all of those who won’t have an opportunity to visit the conference, online broadcasting of the event will be organized. The online video streaming will support Russian translation along with the main language of the event, English.


The official next-block.org website enables to get tickets or become media partner/sponsor of the event. To keep up with the latest news, please follow NEXT BLOCK on Facebook, Telegram, and Instagram.

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