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Bitcoin Developer To Pay $100,000 For Help In Finding Extortioner

01:20 31/07/2018

Jameson Lopp, a former BitGo engineer and one of the Bitcoin developers, promised a reward for helping to capture the man who sent the SWAT to his home.


In his blog on Medium, Lopp reported that in October 2017 his house was surrounded by the police, who came to the call of capturing hostages. An unknown pranker demanded a large sum and threatened to blow the building up.


After this incident, the developer received an anonymous message with threats and the demand to transfer $50,000 or the same amount in bitcoins to the account of the extortioner.


In turn, Lopp installed an external observation of his home, prepared weapons and declared in social networks that he will not tolerate such attacks.


Despite the fact that such cases were not repeated, the man decided to catch the abuser and bring him to justice. For the information that will help to implement his plan, Lopp promised to pay $100,000.

As previously reported, a developer of the anti-virus software John McAfee promised to pay a large sum for hacking of Bitfi crypto wallet, which, in his opinion, is absolutely  indestructible.

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