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Indian Police Suspect Official Of Extorting $1.3 Million In Bitcoins

Published: 11/09/2018

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What is it for?

The representative of the Indian People's Party, Nalin Kotadiya, has been taken into custody for interrogation. The police suspect that he is involved in the case of extorting $1.3 million in bitcoins, The Times of India reports.


Kotadya will remain in custody for 10 days for questioning, as decided by the special anti-corruption court. The politician was arrested by the local crime division and the Criminal Investigation Department. Law enforcement officers will investigate whether Kotadiya is involved in the extortion of a large sum in cryptocurrency.


In April, the Department launched the investigation of the kidnapping case of an Indian businessman with a demand for the ransom of 200 bitcoins ($1.3 million). Allegedly, the victim, Sailesh Bhatt, was taken to a farm, where abductors forced him to send the bitcoins to his former business partner. According to Bhatt, Kotadiya forced him to pay the ransom.


Later, the Indian court declared Kotadiya an offender in this case and issued a warrant for his arrest. However, he managed to cover his tracks. As the suspect told in the court, he had to hide to save his life, as he has compromising information about politicians and businessmen. He also said that there was a conspiracy against him.


According to a member of the opposition party Indian National Congress Shaktisinh Gohil, while interrogated, Kotadiya will give revealing evidence against the leaders of his party.


Law enforcement officers assure that the interrogation will help to establish the identities of those involved in the scheme with extortion of 200 bitcoins, and also show how criminals divided the sum. It is reported that Kotadiya paid about $35,000 to a witness.


Earlier, Indian police arrested a drug dealer who purchased goods for bitcoins.

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  1. Vitonio:
    09/11/18 at 10:34

    maybe Sailesh Bhatt by himself also relates to all this scheme. Kind of money laundering