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Startup Parity To Integrate Hybrid Of Casper And Sharding Into Etherium

14:00 02/10/2018

The representatives of the Parity startup have integrated a preliminary version of Casper code into its blockchain-based platform Substrate. The solution will help to improve the performance of Ethereum, CoinDesk reports citing GitHub.


A distinctive feature of Shasper, an experimental solution, is associated with the ability to combine scaling in the form of sharding and an update based on the Proof-of-Stake consensus (PoS), Casper. The project will be tested on Substrate, a blockchain development platform owned by Parity.


The Shasper solution can be considered as a sharding union with Casper. As a result of its implementation, it will be possible to see serious progress in the productivity of transactions in the Ethereum network, Wei Tang, the Parity specialist, stated. At the same time, the product is still considered “raw” and needs some work, it represents the basis for future changes and needs further testing.


Gavin Wood, founder of Parity and one of Ethereum developers, created modular blockchain called Substrate. The solution allows various projects to create their own blockchains. Wei believes that Substrate provides simpler tools for implementing Shasper in comparison with the Ethereum network. Almost everything happens differently in Shasper, namely block definitions, hashing algorithms, encodings, etc.


As previously reported, the Parity specialists successfully implemented the Constantinople code in their software right before the Ethereum hard fork in October. Moreover, one of the experts developed a beta version of the Turbo Geth software, which is available for closed testing in the Ethereum blockchain.

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